Snacks for Hiking

by Shopify API on Aug 18, 2015

snacks for hikingWhether you’re embarking on a short trip or a lengthy excursion, bringing along the right snacks for hiking is crucial to ensure that you properly fuel your body. You’ll want to make sure you are totally energized and ready to go and not sluggish from a lack of calories or from food that is short on essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. Read on to learn more about our top snacks for hiking that are both nutritious, easy to carry, and delicious too!

6 Top Snacks for Hiking Trips

Raw Pumpkin Seeds
These are no ordinary seeds! Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of zinc, an essential for a healthy immune system – which is why they made of our list of the top snacks for hiking. You can eat them from the shell by themselves or you can choose to add them to your own trail mix.

Roasted Chickpeas
If you’re tired of packing peanuts or almonds on your next trip (or if you simply have a nut allergy), roasted chickpeas are a great option for snacks for hiking. You can either find a pack in your local grocery store or make some yourself! Here is an absolutely delicious recipe for roasted chickpeas, and it’s really easy to make, too!

Looking for snacks for hiking that don’t require any prep work? Pretzels are a good choice because they’re super lightweight and easy to carry. Be sure to select the ones with salt, which helps to replenish your body when you’re on a long hike. You can even find multigrain pretzels that would pack an additional healthy punch!

Peanut Butter & Crackers
This no fuss option for snacks for hiking is great because it gives you tons of essential protein from the peanut butter and a good dose of carbohydrates from the crackers. If crackers aren’t exactly your thing, or if you’re worried about them getting smushed in your bag, you can take some of your favorite bread along instead! You can also find grab-and-go packages of peanut butter to make this snack easily packable.

Beef Jerky
We’re not talking about your average Slim Jim here! Beef jerky is one of the greatest snacks for hiking because it is a great combination of fat, carbohydrates, and protein that help you to power through your hike. It’s also easy to transport and doesn’t need to be refrigerated, unlike traditional meats.

Crispy Fruit Snacks
Since Crispy Fruit comes in single serving, individual sized bags, it makes for one of the best snacks for hiking. Freeze dried fruit is an excellent choice to bring along on hiking trips because you don’t have to worry about it melting or getting soggy in the hot weather. Plus, it is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for throwing into your backpack as a healthy, grab and go treat.

More Ideas
If you have other suggestions for snacks for hiking, we want to hear them! Please feel free to share your ideas with us and leave a comment below!

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