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Delicious, Natural, Low Calorie Snack!

“I was skeptical that the kids would like them but they LOVED them. Thank you for making a snack option that I can feel good about giving my kids and that they love.”

Christina W.

“As a recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, I was really struggling with having to give up a lot of the fruits I enjoyed. Your single serving bags are perfect. Thank you for creating a product for folks with food limitations!”

Jacqueline C.

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10 Ways to Make a Protein-Packed Smoothie Without Protein Powder

A smoothie is a great way to add a lot of nutrients into your diet. They can fill you up, provide a lot ...

Telemedicine: Changing the Face of Doctor Visits

Waiting to see a doctor in a crowded, potentially germ-infested waiting room, could soon become a thing ...

Frozen Foods Could Be Your New Friend

Is frozen food the best option for you and your family? Food choices are very personal, especially when ...

7 Nutrition Tips to Boost Your Immune System

 The spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is a growing worldwide health concern. We’ve all ...

Wheat Grass Superfood Smoothie Recipe

Incorporating Wheat Grass Into Your DietSkip the shamrock shake this St. Patrick’s Day and reach ...

Celebrate National Nutrition Month

 More healthy eating advice and ways to support the causeMarch is National Nutrition Month, and Smart ...

SLB Spotlight: Fitness Expert Chris Freytag

Former host of NBC’s ‘Motivational Mondays’ tells us what she’s learned along ...

10-Minute Foam Rolling Recovery

A recovery workout we can all useWe feature a lot of cardio workouts at Smart Lifebites, but this 10-Minute ...

4 Tips to Learn How to Cook Seafood

Two Fish Recipes For Beginners  Just one in 10 Americans meet the recommendation of eating two servings ...

How to Fuel Your Workout

 Professional Athletes Share Their Food FavesThere’s a reason behind the #FoodIsFuel hashtag: ...

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