Pre and Post Workout Snacks

by Shopify API on May 04, 2015

pre and post workout snacks

While working out is essential to staying in shape and toning up, most gym-goers often forget to plan healthy pre and post workout snacks to make their training sessions count. Top fitness experts say that eating pre and post workout snacks helps the body to build more muscle and burn fat more efficiently than simply working out alone. Read on for our suggestions of some of the best pre and post workout snacks to help you make the most out of your time at the gym!

Finding the Right Pre and Post Workout Snacks

With tons of different exercise snacks out on the market, finding pre and post workout snacks that are right for you can certainly be a challenge. Most nutritionists agree that munching on fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats is the best way to fuel your body before and after you exercise. Fruit smoothies, fresh apples with peanut butter, and hearty salads with grilled chicken or steak are all excellent choices to have before or after you workout, whether you do strength training or cardio exercises. But with busier-than-ever work schedules and on-the-go lifestyles, many gym-goers lack the time to prepare healthy pre and post workout snacks.

An On-The-Go Option for Healthy Pre and Post Workout Snacks: Crispy Green

Fortunately, there is a solution to this common problem – and it is Crispy Green! Crispy Fruit is the perfect, on-the-go option for those who don’t always have the time to pack fresh fruits to eat on their way to and from the gym. Crispy Fruit is made of 100% pure fruit, with no other additives, preservatives or sweeteners. With 7 different varieties including Asian Pear, Apple, Mango, Banana, Pineapple, Tangerine and Cantaloupe, there are plenty of options to choose from so that you’ll never get bored of your pre and post workout snacks! The best part is that each bag is only 55 calories or less, which means you can truly enjoy some guilt-free snacking. Score!

More Ideas for Nutritious Pre and Post Workout Snacks

Other exercise gurus suggest eating foods such as nonfat Greek yogurt with granola before or after a lengthy workout. Yogurt supplies the body with protein and calcium, which is great for strength training, and granola provides just the right amount of healthy carbohydrates. Not big on dairy? You can get a healthy dose of calcium from eating cooked Edamame, which also contains all nine essential amino acids and 8 grams of fiber. Not bad for a small soybean! Oatmeal is another often-overlooked option that packs a serious nutritional punch. It is chock-full of antioxidants and, because it is so rich in fiber, helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time. For a little extra sweetness and real fruit flavor, be sure to add some Crispy Fruit to your next bowl of oatmeal!

Do you have any other suggestions for healthy and convenient pre and post workout snacks? We’d love to hear them! Simply leave a comment below to share your ideas with us.

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