Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy?

by Shopify API on May 11, 2015

is freeze dried fruit healthyNow that summer is coming up just around the corner, you may be starting to think about eating healthier, leaner foods. But, if you’re like most of us with busy schedules, you may lack the time to prepare nutritious snacks that are packable. Many consumers often ask, “Is freeze dried fruit healthy for me to eat?” In this post, we will share some of our thoughts on the freeze dried fruit craze and explain why freeze dried fruits are a great choice for those looking for convenient, delicious and nutritious snacks!

What is Freeze Dried Fruit?

Freeze dried fruits, as well as other freeze dried foods, have been around for decades and were developed to make eating and transporting food easier for those who live an on-the-go lifestyle. All of the moisture is taken out of fresh fruit, leaving it in its purest form. What’s left is 100% fruit that’s crispy and slightly sweet for you to enjoy!

Although it may not be so obvious, freeze dried fruit can be a much healthier option than regular dried fruit. Without using the freeze drying process to keep fruit fresh for an extended period of time, most dried fruit snacks have added sugars and preservatives to keep them from going bad. Wondering what else makes freeze dried fruit so great? Read on to find out!

High Levels of Nutrients

Because freeze dried fruit is so heavily concentrated, one serving packs a big nutritional punch! Research has shown that freeze dried fruits hold up to 90% of their original nutritional content. This means you can still get your daily dose of vitamin C, vitamin A, and other essential nutrients without having to always have fresh fruit on hand.

Low in Calories

Our Crispy Fruit is only 55 calories or less per bag, making it an ideal choice for those who are craving a sweet treat while cutting back on other fattening snacks. Each serving contains about a half cup of fruit that has been freeze dried from its fresh form. Since the only ingredient in Crispy Fruit is the fruit itself, it does not contain any additional sugars, sweeteners or preservatives. The result is guilt-free snacking that you can enjoy any time, even when you’re on-the-go!

Lots of Fiber

Did we mention freeze dried fruit is chock-full of fiber? Including the right amount of fiber in your diet is crucial to regulating your digestive system and keeping cholesterol levels low. One bag of Crispy Bananas contains two grams of dietary fiber, making it an excellent choice for those looking to get more fiber in their diets. It’s a delicious win-win!

Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy? Our Verdict

Is freeze dried fruit healthy for you and convenient for your on-the-go lifestyle? Our answer is yes! Be sure to check out the produce department at your local supermarket to find your next favorite freeze dried fruit snack!

What’s Your Opinion?

Let us know what you think about freeze dried fruits and leave us a comment below!

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