Power Your Lunchbox Program Gets Over 10,000 Pledges to Support Hungry Families

by Shopify API on Oct 20, 2015

The 2015 Power Your Lunchbox Pledge by Produce for Kids
power your lunchbox

This year, our team at Crispy Green became a proud sponsor of the annual Power Your Lunchbox program by Produce for Kids. The campaign ran right in the heart of the back to school season – from August 3rd to September 18th of this year – and promoted the importance of packing healthy, balanced school lunches. Over 10,000 parents, families and classrooms took the pledge to pack a healthier lunch over the course of the campaign at

Crispy Green was excited to take part in the Power Your Lunchbox program, which also helped to provide 100,000 meals to families in need all across the country. For every pledge, sponsors of the program made a collective $1 donation to fight childhood hunger through the children’s programs at Feeding America. Other leading companies such as Marie’s Dressings, GROW Bananas, Pero Family Farms and Bentology took part in Power Your Lunchbox alongside Crispy Green to make the program truly powerful.

Ideas to “Power Your Lunchbox”
The Power Your Lunchbox campaign was a major success, and not just because of the large amount of donations that were raised. Our team loved seeing all of the support from schools and families, who really got creative with the “power your lunchbox” message. Teachers were given access to healthy eating lesson plans to incorporate in the classroom and share with their students. Bloggers and social influencers also took center stage by using #poweryourlunchbox when sharing their healthy lunchbox creations! We saw some awesome, easy to make ideas, including an under-the-sea themed bento box, turkey veggie “sushi” and a sassy tuna sandwich – all of which can be paired with a bag of Crispy Fruit on the side! Weekly prizes were awarded to parents and bloggers who came up with the best Power Your Lunchbox ideas, including bento boxes from Bentology, kitchen gadgets, grocery store gift cards and more! Click here to see all of the Power Your Lunchbox recipes that they came up with that are so delicious – and easy to make!

From our perspective, helping to educate both kids and parents about the importance of packing a nutritious school lunch while fighting childhood hunger is a certainly a win-win! Crispy Green will most definitely be a supporter of next year’s Power Your Lunchbox pledge and will continue to spread the message about packing a healthy lunch to power through the school day!

Check out the infographic below to see just how successful this year’s Power Your Lunchbox campaign truly was!

power your lunchbox

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