Healthy Valentine's Snacks

by Shopify API on Feb 03, 2016

healthy valentines snacksIf you’re struggling to find healthy Valentine’s snacks that your children will enjoy, you’re not alone! While many kids are reaching for sugary chocolate snacks on this love filled day, you can be sure to satisfy them with treats that are just as fun and much healthier for them to eat as well. Read on for our top 5 suggestions for healthy valentine’s snacks that kids will love!

5 Delicious Healthy Valentine’s Snacks

Dark Chocolate Cherries
Yes, you can still let your kids indulge in chocolate on Valentine’s day… the healthy way! One of our favorite healthy Valentine’s snacks for kids is dark chocolate covered cherries. Simply melt some dark chocolate slowly in the microwave in a small bowl, and lightly coat each cherry by dunking them into the chocolate. Allow them to cool completely on a cooling rack before serving.

Heart Shaped Strawberries
Looking for healthy Valentine’s snacks that are just as easy to make as they are good for kids to eat (and adults too)? Just take some strawberries, cut each one in half, and cut out a little triangle on top – and voila, you’ve just created adorable heart shaped strawberries that the kids will gobble up in no time flat!

Heart Shaped Sushi
Need we say more?! If your kids are the more adventurous type (and on the older side), try making these awesome healthy Valentine’s snacks with them as a fun activity over the weekend. Follow this easy recipe from Holly’s Helpings for best results. These heart shaped rolls look so good, you might even think twice about eating them!

Hard Boiled Egg Hearts
Serve up some love as a midmorning treat with these healthy Valentine’s snacks! Hard boiled eggs have tons of protein as well as other essential vitamins and proteins such as potassium, iron and zinc. Check out this post from Anna in the Red for step by step instructions to ensure that your heart shaped hard boiled eggs come out perfectly this Valentine’s day.

Peanut Butter & Jelly “Heart” Sandwiches
These healthy Valentine’s snacks are super simple to make and prepare on the run! You can make a regular peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your kids the way they like them, and simply cut the crusts of the bread off with a heart shaped cookie cutter. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

Crispy Fruit Snacks
Our Crispy Fruit snacks are an excellent healthy Valentine’s snacks that are both kid-friendly and allergen-free. They also make for the perfect Valentine’s day cards for kids at school – simply write a message on heart shaped paper, tape it on the front of the bag and you’re done! We suggest using Crispy Apples, since they are a favorite amongst all kids, and will match a red Valentine’s heart perfectly!

Other Healthy Valentine’s Snacks
Have any ideas for healthy valentine’s snacks for kids that you would like to share? Just send an email to for an opportunity to have your idea featured in this blog post!

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