Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

by Shopify API on Feb 01, 2016

healthy super bowl snacksWhether you’re a Broncos or a Panthers fan, chances are you’ll be tempted to chow down on some not so healthy super bowl snacks during the game. But by doing your homework to find healthy alternatives to classic super bowl snacks, you can definitely enjoy the game guilt free. Check out the list below of our favorite healthy super bowl snacks that are easy to make, taste great, and won’t leave you bloated after the game!

7 Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

Healthy Wings
Who said buffalo wings can’t be (at least somewhat) healthy?! Make them into healthy super bowl snacks by baking them instead of frying them – not only will they be lower in fat, they will be way less greasy (and way less likely to give you a bellyache later)! Check out this easy to make recipe from for healthier baked wings that don’t sacrifice flavor.

Avocado-Yogurt Dip
Move over, fattening ranch dip! This avocado-yogurt dip is a hit on our list of healthy super bowl snacks because it is low on fat, by using low-fat plain yogurt as the base. Be sure to serve it with fresh baby carrots, celery sticks and red bell peppers instead of pita chips!

Mini Turkey Burgers
These healthy super bowl snacks are a fun twist on the classic beef sliders that everyone loves. The size of the burgers is great for helping you keep your portion control in check. We love this recipe for Mini Turkey Burgers with gorgonzola from Cooking Light!

Football Trail Mix
Substitute ho-hum Chex Mix with healthy super bowl snacks that you can whip up on the spot, like our Football Trail Mix. We like to mix different varieties of nuts (such as walnuts and almonds) with some seeds and Crispy Fruit, of course! We like to use Crispy Mangoes for an unexpected twist, but you can certainly use whichever is your favorite.

Zucchini Fries
Have your fries, and eat them too with these delicious healthy super bowl snacks! They are baked instead of fried, and zucchinis themselves are a great source of vitamin A, potassium, and folate. Check out this recipe for Zucchini Fries from, containing step-by-step instructions.

Game Day Chili
If you’re looking for healthy super bowl snacks that will feed a hungry crowd, chili is just the ticket! Be sure to use turkey meat instead of beef, which will help cut down on the fat substantially (without sacrificing delicious flavor)! View this Springfield Chili recipe here from

Sweet Potato Skins
Our last item on the list of healthy super bowl snacks is so good, you may never return to the original version! Sweet potatoes provide 400% of your daily requirement of vitamin A, and have fewer calories and more fiber than regular potatoes. We’re digging this recipe for Sweet Potato Skins from the experts at Food Network.

More Healthy Super Bowl Snacks
If you have any other ideas for healthy super bowl snacks that you love, feel free to share them with us! Send an email with your idea to for a chance to be featured on this page!

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