Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids

by Shopify API on Aug 10, 2015

One of the many challenges of being a parent is finding a balance between the snacks your kids want to eat, and the snacks your kids should be eating. Is there such a thing as fun healthy snacks for kids? Of course! You just need to know how to pick them out. It’s too easy just to grab the same old snacks you know your kids will eat, but that doesn’t always result in the healthiest choices.

fun healthy snacks for kids

If you’re worried about how much nutrition your kids are getting, then finding fun healthy snacks for kids should be one of your goals. The ideal snack for kids should be easy to grab, satisfying to eat, and packed full of nutrients for their growing bodies. The fun healthy snacks for kids suggested in this post satisfies all of the above, and we trust you and your kids will be pleased with the choices. Enjoy!

Top 5 Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids

Whole Grain Cereal
Chances are your kids already eat cereal of some kind, but are they eating the right kind? When on the hunt for fun healthy snacks for kids try looking for cereal made with whole grains, with high fiber content and no added sugar.

Low-fat cheese is one of the best fun healthy snacks because the many varieties it comes in allow you to constantly change things up. From string cheese, to babybel cheese, to cubed cheese, to cheese cut into shapes. Cheese is fun, and its high protein content will give your kids plenty of energy to get through the day.

Low-fat yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium, and is one of the best fun healthy snacks for kids because of how versatile it is. Yogurt cups are extremely easy to grab and go, or if you have some time you can make it more fun for kids. By chopping up some fruit and granola you can make a yogurt parfait to replace less-healthy dessert options like ice cream.

Fruit is among the top fun healthy snacks for kids because it’s healthy as is, and could be dressed up to be more appealing to your children. Fruit salad, pineapple rings, watermelon slices, fruit kabobs — these are some fun, kid-friendly ways to get your kids to add more fruit to their diet.

Freeze-Dried Fruit
Keeping fresh fruit on hand can be a challenge for any busy family, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without it. Freeze-dried fruit packs all the nutrients of fresh fruit into a more convenient form.

Parents and kids agree that Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit is one of the most fun healthy snacks available. Delicious slices of real fruit contained in easy grab-and-go packaging makes Crispy Fruit a great snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Visit our selection of fun healthy snacks for kids. Not sure which kind they will like? Grab a variety pack and try them all out! Bon appetit.

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