CEO CORNER- January 2014

by Shopify API on Jan 01, 2012

New_CEO2014 is well underway. I hope all of you have a good start of the New Year, and that 2014 will be another fulfilling year for you!

Most of us began this New Year with some sort of resolutions. As we get older, these resolutions become more of life pursuits rather than just short-term fixes. A good friend of mine (who is quite a bit wiser than I am) shared with me that he has been building his “CHAIRS”- Charity, Health, Accomplishment, Independence (or Individual), Relationship and Spiritual, every New Year for the last decade. His “CHAIRS” represents how he would like to live his life from that point forward. I find that very inspiring. I would like to start building my own Chairs even though I might not get all of the pieces up at one time.

The major commitment I have made to myself in 2014 is to focus on my personal development. I want to further develop my artistic skills, give myself the time and space to explore my talents and interestes, and unleash my inner spirits.

I often thought that I was a self-aware person and had lived a pretty fulfilled life. Yet, some of my recent experiences have brought out a side of me that I haven’t seen before. I like the new “me” very much. I am very happy to learn that there is more “good” in me than I had known.

I beleive that our life, to a large extent, is a result of choices we have made along the way. We don’t always make the right choice at every moment of our life, but it’s important that we chose the right direction at the critical junctures and start making some smart decisions before it’s too late.

The New Year is a perfect time to start fresh. Therefore, Crispy Green is kicking off the “New Year, New You!” campaign by providing some handsome incentives to entice you to make healthier choices for yourself. Pleae check out our Facebook page ( for more details. I would love to see you all participate in this campaign and make a fresh and healthy start in 2014!



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