CEO Corner - Jan 2012

by Shopify API on Jan 01, 2012

Welcome to my 2nd posting on the CEO Corner!

It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2012 is almost behind us. The unseasonable warm weather in the Northeast has made this January feel like March.

Usually by this time I have abandoned most of my New Year Resolutions. But so far this year, I’ve been sticking with them. The first on my list was composting, which I have wanted to do for years but was never able to get my act together.

Actually, it turned out that there wasn’t that much needed to start composting – a kitchen collection bucket, a compost bin and some gardening tools. But, like many changes in life, it often isn’t the complexity of the doing that makes it difficult; it is the shifting of the mindset. My mind was at the right place this time around, so I was able to get it started without much effort.

We all have experienced the power of our own mind at one time or another. I recently learned that I could “trick” my mind to enjoy doing things that I normally dread, i.e. going to the gym.

Like most people, every year I resolve to work-out more and get in shape. And, like many, I struggled with that until I discovered Zumba. I love the music, the dance moves and the group workouts… I’m hooked! I now Zumba 2-3 times a week, easily burn 500 calories in one session and have a lot of fun while doing it.

Pleasure is the food of our minds. If we could find enjoyment in our actions, we would likely repeat that action without much effort. Whether it’s an exercise, a diet or even composting, we need to first take pleasure in the process itself and the benefits will follow.

Keep up with your New Year Resolutions, whatever they may be, and have fun with them!


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