Freeze-Dried Pineapple Crispy Fruit

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Take a tasty trip into the tropical flavor of our freeze-dried pineapple, perfect for families seeking a burst of flavor. Each multipack contains 4 snack-sized bags, perfect for sharing or enjoying throughout the week.

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100% Pineapple. 100% Delicious.

Energizing and incredibly convenient, Crispy Fruit is the perfect on-the-go fuel for an active family's dynamic lifestyle.

‘Feels’ From Our Happy Customers


Our freeze-dried pineapple snacks are 100% pure fruit. No sugar, additives, or preservatives.


You get natural, freeze-dried pineapple snacks that are great for your health.

Fun Fact #1

Pineapples regenerate! You can plant pineapple leaves to grow a new plant.

A Sweet Snack Or Tasty Topper

Sweeten up your day by adding Crispy Green pineapple to your favorite healthy foods.

  • Add to your cereal
  • Mix with nuts and seeds
  • Top on a smoothie
  • Blend into yogurt

Fun Fact #2

Pineapples contain the bromelain enzyme, which can break down proteins. So you can use them to tenderize meat.

Fun Fact #3

Pineapples were native to South America before Christopher Columbus discovered them in 1493.

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