What's Your Love Flavor?

by Shopify API on Feb 02, 2021

When it comes to love, are you like an apple or more like a cantaloupe? Is your perfect match a strawberry or maybe a tangerine? Here’s where you can find out your love flavor…AND which love flavor pairs well with you! Take our new What’s Your Love Flavor Quiz and have fun finding out your inner fruit. And by the way, if you’ve taken the recent What’s Your Flavor Quiz, here’s a whole new spin. There are 9 questions, each with 8 possible answers—you can only choose one. Upon completion, you’ll receive your fruit flavor analysis including the expanded love flavor breakdown. Plus, use promo code VDAY14 for 14% OFF your next Crispy Fruit purchase!

(Disclaimer – There is no science involved here—it is purely a fun pop quiz to add some chuckles to your busy day. Crispy Green is not responsible for any love mishaps or broken hearts caused by taking these answers seriously!)

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