Tricking Kids With Healthy Halloween Treats

by Shopify API on Oct 16, 2013

Q: Chuck, Halloween is saturated with candy galore and other unhealthy treats. I’m part of a growing band of health-conscious neighbors in our residential area who are refusing to drop one more piece of candy in kids’ bags on Halloween night. Any advice for how we can do that without having the kids walk away or look in disdain at healthy treats? — “Healthy on Halloween” in Harrisburg, Pa.

A: Gone are the days when you could drop a piece of fruit, a home-baked cookie or a popcorn ball in a child’s Halloween bag.

And we all know that when kids pour out their bags at the end of Halloween night to look over their treasure chest of treats, items such as granola bars and even packaged oatmeal raisin cookies are likely to be dumped in the garbage faster than you can say “trick or treat.” read more. . .

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