Snacks for Kids with Peanut Allergies

by Shopify API on Sep 10, 2015

snacks-for-kids-with-peanut-allergiesMany schools and activity groups are searching for snacks for kids with peanut allergies now more than ever. With more and more children being diagnosed with nut allergies, it is important to send your child to school with snacks that are peanut and tree nut free to avoid any chance of an allergic reactions. Get some suggestions for snacks for kids with peanut allergies in this post so that your child and other children can be safe during snack time.

5 Snacks for Kids with Peanut Allergies

Fruit Kabobs
Here’s a way to make fruit fun for kids: cut out slices or cubes of their favorite fruits, put them on a skewer and send them off in the lunchbox with an icepack. Fresh fruit is one of the safest snacks that kids with allergies can eat, because they aren’t processed on equipment that may contain traces of nuts. You can even use cookie cutters to cut the fruits in fun, bite sized shapes, such as small hearts and stars!

Since yogurt is a terrific source of calcium, it makes for a top choice for snacks for kids with peanut allergies. There are tons of different varieties of yogurt for your children to try as well, so they can find the ones they enjoy most. We recommend Greek yogurt, because it is high in protein which can help kids (and adults!) feel fuller for longer. Just make sure you read the labels of any yogurt to ensure it is completely safe for kids with peanut allergies to eat.

Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups
Or any variation of roll-ups for that matter! These safe snacks for kids with peanut allergies are great because you can use any type of cheeses or deli meats that your child likes the most. Our favorite is ham and cheese, but you can experiment with other combinations like turkey and provolone or even salami and mozzarella, for starters.

Gelatin Cups
Kids love gelatin cups because they are a light and fruity snack, and parents love them because they’re easy to pack! Gelatin cups come in a variety of flavors such as strawberry, cherry, and blue raspberry, along with tons of others and can be found in almost any supermarket. You can even make these awesome snacks for kids with peanut allergies at home if you prefer, too.

Crispy Fruit
Ho-hum lunchboxes watch out! Crispy Fruit snacks are an excellent choice for parents who are searching for healthy snacks for kids with peanut allergies. Coming in at 55 calories or less per single serving bag, Crispy Fruit is a great alternative to packing salty potato chips or candy for school lunches. Since Crispy Fruit has only one ingredient, fruit, it is a completely safe choice for kids who suffer from allergies.

More Ideas for Snacks for Kids with Peanut Allergies
If your child has allergies and you’re a seasoned pro for dealing with them, feel free to share your ideas for snacks for kids with peanut allergies with us! Simply leave us a comment in the message box below.

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