Snack Pairings for #Adulting on National Wine Day!

by Shopify API on May 12, 2016

Did someone say fruit, wine and chocolate? Yes, please!

Snack Pairings for National Wine DayFor all of our “grown up” fans out there, mark your calendars for National Wine Day coming up on May 25th. This annual holiday encourages us (ahem, gives us an excuse) to celebrate the wide varieties of wine available and its rich history dating back thousands of years. The actual production of wine itself can be traced from 6000 BC, and people across the globe have been enjoying it ever since.

Whether you’re into a full-bodied Cabernet or prefer a refreshing Riesling, nothing beats a great glass of wine when it’s paired with the right fruit and chocolate. We’ve partnered up with Brix Chocolate, creators of the first chocolate made specifically to pair with wine, to brainstorm some ways to partake in #adulting on National Wine Day. Check out our suggestions below of our favorite pairings of wine, Brix Chocolate and Crispy Fruit, of course!

Medium Dark Brix Chocolate + Crispy Asian Pear + Merlot, Shiraz, or Zinfandel
This delightful combo works well because the light and sweet flavor of the Asian Pear balances against this moderately dark chocolate – especially while sipping a glass of zinfandel (pictured above).

Extra Dark Brix Chocolate + Crispy Tangerine + Cabernet or Shiraz
If you’re a dark chocolate lover, this one’s for you! The citrus of the tangerine is a great complement to the bold taste of this dark blend. Top it off with a little Cabernet – and you might just find yourself waiting for next year’s National Wine Day!

Smooth Dark Brix Chocolate + Crispy Pineapple + Champagne or Riesling
Looking for a sweet treat with a hint of tang? This pairing is one of our favorites because it combines the fruitiness of the pineapple with this semi-dark variety. You can even add in some almonds for an additional crunch!

Milk Chocolate Brix Chocolate + Crispy Apple + Pinot Noir, Port, or Rosé
Craving something a little on the lighter side? The richness of the milk chocolate is enhanced by the crispy texture of our freeze dried apples, and the duo pairs perfectly with your favorite dessert wine. Walnuts also make a great addition to this delicious combo, or even walnut bread if you’re into baking!

Do you have any other pairing ideas you’d like to share? Send us an email at for a chance to be featured in this post. Cheers!

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