Nutritious Snacks for Kids

by Shopify API on Apr 20, 2015

nutritious snacks for kids

Providing nutritious snacks for kids can often be a challenge for today’s parents. With busier-than-ever after school schedules, parents need packable, on-the-go healthy snacks for their children to enjoy. It is crucial that kids get all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients they need to power through their school days, so providing them with the right snacks is essential.

This post will feature some of our best advice for choosing delicious, nutritious snacks for kids that are perfectly portable for today’s on-the-go lifestyle!

Suggestions for Providing Nutritious Snacks for Kids

While most experts agree that fruits and veggies are the best options for nutritious snacks for kids, many children are still not eating the recommended amounts. Packing fresh fruits and vegetables in kids’ lunchboxes for school helps them to get the proper servings of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and fiber, which will help them to grow up both healthy and strong. Eating foods with these essential vitamins are also known for supporting a healthy immune system, keeping bones strong and lowering the risk heart disease and high blood pressure.

However, it can certainly be a challenge to entice kids to eat nutritious fruits and veggies as their snack at school. Parents also often have trouble finding healthy snacks that will stay fresh throughout the day. Fortunately, our Crispy Fruit makes packing nutritious snacks for kids easy and hassle-free!

Crispy Fruit – A Great Choice for Nutritious Snacks for Kids

Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit is a perfect solution to providing nutritious snacks for kids. Because it is 100% pure fruit, nothing else, you can be sure that kids are getting the nutrients they need without all the added sugars and preservatives many children’s snacks contain. With seven varieties including Apple, Mango, Banana, Asian Pear, Pineapple, Tangerine and Cantaloupe, there are tons of choices for kids to taste test and share with their friends!

Each snack is conveniently wrapped in on-the-go packaging that keeps the freeze-dried fruit fresh on the inside. Parents love the fact that Crispy Fruit is also low in calories and free of cholesterol and fat. Finally, a sweet snack that both adults and children can enjoy, without the guilt!

Other Suggestions for Nutritious Snacks for Kids

Fruits and veggies aren’t the only choice for nutritious snacks for kids. Low-fat dairy and whole grains help fuel growing kids. Serving low-fat yogurt and cheese sticks are perfect for ensuring that kids are getting the recommended serving of dairy, and granola bars made with whole grains are a great snack as well. Be sure to stay away from sugary snacks such as cakes and cookies, which can lead to those dreaded sugar highs. There are plenty of other options that kids will love that will help them stay focused and energized throughout the school day!

Have any questions about finding healthy snacks for children? Feel free to ask away or share your suggestions for more nutritious snacks for kids at school in the comments below!

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