Healthy Fitness Snacks

by Shopify API on Feb 12, 2015

10 Tips for Convenient, Healthy Fitness Snacks!

When living a healthy and active lifestyle, you need to eat well. Snacking throughout the day is essential to keeping up your energy levels. We all know this, but sometimes, preparing healthy fitness snacks when you are on-the-go is not the easiest task. Cutting up fruit and finding packaged snacks that you feel GOOD about eating is time consuming. Listed below, are 10 Tips for healthy fitness snacks that are both convenient and fun. Make your daily routine a bit easier, and check out our suggestions below!

1.) Cut up your fruit ahead of time. This will help you make the healthier choice when iHealthy Fitness Snackst comes to snacking! When you purchase the fruit, cut it up and separate it into single serving containers or bags, so they are easy to grab when you need them most. And when you run out? Crispy Fruit – same thing, no cutting required!

2.) Stash fruit around your home, car and office for anytime snacking. That way, when it is time to head to the gym, you will be feeling confident in your snacking choices that day. If you worry about a mess or if the fruit is going to spoil – try stashing with Crispy Green single serving packages. They come in seven different fruit flavors!Healthy Fitness Snacks

3.) Try a new or different type of fruit- something exotic, maybe like a pitaya? The anticipation and excitement leading up to trying a new fruit is great motivation to say NO to un-healthier options.

4.) Supercharge your breakfast! Add sliced fruit to your favorite oatmeal or breakfast cereal. Did we mention Crispy Bananas tastes great in oatmeal?! After a health-conscious breakfast, choosing healthy fitness snacks throughout the day is a no-brainer!Healthy Fitness Snacks

5.) Drink your fruits! Make a smoothie – smoothies are an excellent, low-mess way to take your fruit, to go!

6.) Many parents involve their children in their fitness and/or gym routine. This helps to educate kids early about health and wellness. Make some healthy fitness snacks for the kids, too! Let the kids play with food! Cut fun shapes into your fruit or make a fruit kabob. Clean up is easy – simply

7.) One way to avoid that late night craving is to ditch the cookies in the cookie jar all together. Instead, fill your cookie jar with packages of Crispy Green instead. SURPRISE!

8.) Craving something sweet just after dinner? Dessert doesn’t always have to be cheesecake or ice cream. A bowl of sliced fruit is just as sweet (and less calories).

9.) Freeze your fruits – especially if they Freezeare about to go bad! Frozen can be used in a number of ways for healthy fitness snacks, such as making smoothies, fruit sauces or making sorbet.

10.) Save some ‘dough’ and eat your fruit seasonally. Winter is prime time for citrus fruits -if you are craving a summer fruit like a PEAR, you can try Crispy Asian Pears without breaking the bank! (Crispy Fruit is the same price no matter the season!

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