Guilt Free Snacks

by Shopify API on Sep 01, 2015

guilt free snacksGuilt free snacks take the stigma out of the word snacking by adding to your diet rather than detracting from it. Do guilt free snacks actually exist? Of course they do — plus they are tasty, satisfying, and readily available at most grocery stores.

First of all, what are guilt free snacks? That term can mean different things to different people. When we say “guilt free snacks” we’re referring to the guilt felt by those who eat sinfully delicious, yet calorie rich snacks in lieu of healthier options. Guilt free snacks take the guilt out of snacking by replacing things like saturated fat and sugar with more nutritious calorie sources, like protein and slow burning carbs that won’t spike your blood sugar.

Here are just a few of the best guilt free snacks available. They are some of our favorite go-to snacks to quell hunger pangs without worrying about adding to the waistline.

Best Guilt Free Snacks to Store in Your Kitchen Today

Fresh Berries
Stock up on fresh berries while they’re still in season. Not only are they a healthy option, but they eat well as a snack compared to most other fruit. Low prep time — just toss in a bowl and you’re good to go.

What makes fresh berries one of the best guilt free snacks is the fact that they’re loaded with antioxidants, which defend against chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease. Berries are also a great source of fiber and vitamin C.

Raw Nuts
Nuts make our list of the best guilt free snacks because they’re dense in calories from healthy fats, and are an easy source of complete proteins.

Be careful though, because it all depends on which types of nuts you buy. Nuts like honey roasted peanuts and flavored almonds, for example, pack unnecessary calories. Whenever possible try to purchase raw or lightly salted nuts.

If you usually snack on things like chips and pretzels, nuts are an easy replacement because they satisfy your palette with a similar crunch. They are also one of the best source of essential omega-3 fatty acids.

Everyone’s favorite movie companion, popcorn, definitely makes our list. Although we don’t exactly mean the type of popcorn you get at the movie theater, because that comes with all kinds of added oils, salt, and butter.

Plain air popped popcorn, with no oils or butter, is actually quite healthy. It’s a source of whole grains that clocks in at a mere 20 calories per cup. Popcorn is also a source of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Crispy Fruit
We would be remiss not to include our own Crispy Fruit on this. It shares all the same qualities as the top guilt free snacks listed so far with one important exception — it’s a lot easier to grab and go!

Crispy Fruit is a nutrient rich snack that’s easy to store, keeps for a generous length of time, and comes in personal sized bags that are easy to put in your pocket, backpack, shoulder bag, etc.

Browse our full selection of Crispy Fruit and get some delivered to your home today!

With these suggestions you should be able to start filling your fridge and cupboards with healthier snacking options. Start satisfying your hunger without adding empty calories to your diet.

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