Fruit Appeal: Leave the prep-work to us and enjoy.

by Shopify API on Jun 23, 2013

When your days are jam-packed with activities, the convenience of the snack foods around you really can determine what you ultimately decide to munch on. For example, while running out of the house, it’s much easier to grab a small bushel of washed grapes rather than husk and chop a whole pineapple. You’ll avoid clean-up and what can be pretty intimidating spiky skin, to a timid pineapple novice like myself. (There’s even an entire how to cut a pineapple website to walk you through this daunting task!)

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One may also skip the healthy stuff altogether and reach for the nearest single-serving snack-food bag, whether it be potato chips, gummy fruit snacks, or cookies. These are all undeniably tasty, albeit not always the most nutritional snacks. What’s novel about a single-serving of Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit, however, is that it’s actually three great things in one: delicious, healthy, AND handy.

So if you find peeling mangoes, pineapples, or tangerines unappealing, you can now breathe easy. Crispy Green’s got you covered.

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