CEO Corner - May 2014

by Shopify API on May 19, 2014

Good news continues to break at Crispy Green. After months of diligent work and waiting, we IMG_7427finally received the official certification from the Non-GMO Project. Our entire Crispy Fruit line is now a proud recipient of the Non-GMO Project Verified seal!

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from other plants or animals and, in some instance, from bacteria and viruses. Although GMO plants have been around for decades, there is not much known about their long-term effects on humans.

In Europe, there have long been limits on the use of GMO products in foods for human and animal consumption concerning the long-term safety of these products. This awareness has only started to reach American consciousness in the last few years. Although this is still a hotly debated topic, more and more consumers are demanding the right to know if the products they consume contain any GMO ingredients and what amount. The GMO labeling movement has definitely been gaining momentum in the recent months.

Being a former scientist, I have long been interested in GMO discussions and see the arguments from both sides. However, regardless of my personal view on this subject, I strongly support the concept of clear labeling and of consumers’ right to know. Being fair and square with our consumers has always been Crispy Green’s philosophy.

Non-GMO verification is a long, comprehensive process, but getting this verification is something that we are proud of- an achievement that reinforces the commitment Crispy Green has made to provide consumers with the highest quality and safest products for their families. We feel great about this accomplishment.

Enjoy and have a wonderful summer!


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