CEO Corner - March 2013

by Shopify API on Mar 01, 2013

Happy Spring, everyone! I have never looked forward to the arrival of spring as much as I do this year. I am longing for the rebirthing energy from Mother Earth, that magical power that turns on life in nature!

I attended Easter Mass at St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan today, invited by a good friend who’s a church member and the guest organist for the Easter services. This is the second year in a row that I attended the Easter service there. I love visiting churches, mosques, temples, and all kinds of religious places and attending various ceremonies even though I’m not a religious person. I find these kinds of experiences enrich me and expand my world.

The part of Easter that appeals to me is the idea of rebirth, metaphysically speaking. To me it is like the earth waking up in spring time. The magical energy (from the changing alignment of the earth to the sun in the latter case) can do wonders in our lives.

I’m happy that we are at the end of first quarter of 2013. It has been a remarkable quarter in every sense. We broke a new quarterly sales record despite some major structural changes going on within the company, and I’m so proud of my staff and the entire Crispy Green team for their hard work and dedication. They showed me how much we can accomplish when we all pull together.

The most exciting moment in this quarter was featuring our new Crispy Fruit Tangerine in the 5 Surprising Ways to Work Fruit into Your Diet. This is a great endorsement for our product and certainly a badge of honor for us!

Enjoy the spring with good health!


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