CEO Corner - December 2011

by Shopify API on Dec 01, 2011

Welcome to my first posting in the CEO Corner! I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share my thoughts, my ideas and my stories with you.

I founded Crispy Green back in 2004 with my own savings and a boat load of passion for healthy eating. I took a huge risk, making the jump from being a research scientist/manger in a major pharmaceutical company, to running my own food business. The risk is paying off. Crispy Green is growing steadily and we are now an international brand with distribution in over 40 states in the US and part of Canada as well as in Central America.

I credit the success of Crispy Green to the following:

  • Focus on quality
  • Listen to our customers and think like a consumer
  • Passion and hard work
  • Hire the right people and entrust them to do their job
  • Have business partners who share our values

For me, the thrill of having my own business is that it allows me to share what I believe with others and to turn my vision into a reality.

I spent many years of my pharmaceutical career finding cures for immunological disorders and metabolic related diseases. Through my studies, I developed a greater understanding about the connection between diet and disease, and become a true believer of “you are what you eat!”

At the same time, I also appreciate the pleasure of good foods and don’t believe in any kind of extreme diets. That’s why we adopted a simple philosophy for all our products: keep it pure, keep it tasty and keep it wholesome.

I think that those are good words to live by in general!

Have a happy, healthy and fulfilled 2012!


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