CEO Corner - August 2012

by Shopify API on Aug 01, 2012

Angela LiuSummer has zipped by as we now find August winding down. For many busy families, this is prime time to prepare for Back-to-School for kids of all ages.
According to a recent survey by Wal-Mart (not exactly an independent pollster), over 75% of moms with children in primary and secondary schools consider Back-to-School a better time to make a fresh start rather than January 1st. In fact, 9 out of 10 moms make a “Back-to-School resolution” in preparation for the year ahead.

Do you have a “Back-to-School resolution” for your family? If so, is eating healthier part of your plan?

As you might have read in my January post, I was skeptical of making any “resolution” until I tried a few myself. I’m pleased to report that, so far, I’ve managed to stick to all my resolutions for 2012, including composting, eating healthier and exercising at least 3 times a week.
Yes, some resolutions are harder to keep than others. Eating right is one that I’m constantly struggling with. However, recognizing that there is struggle is a good starting point because that consciousness affects the decisions you make when it comes to making food choices.
I found myself, on several occasions, waiting in line at a coffee shop, staring at the delicious pastries on display and fighting the tempting thoughts in my head… But, in the end, I was able to walk away without that extra piece of cake which may have given me five minutes of pleasure but, I knew that inevitably, would give me a lasting regret.
A resolution is a promise you make to yourself. Like any promise, it requires serious commitment. The more often you can remind yourself of your resolution(s), the more likely you will be able to commit to it and, over time, it will naturally become part of your everyday routine.
I think that Back-to-School is a perfect time to renew your resolution(s) or even start a new one.
Happy Back-to-School and enjoy the rest of the summer!


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