Allergy-Free Snacks

by Shopify API on Jun 22, 2015

If you suffer from food allergies, you know allergy free snacks all too well the constant battle of searching for snacks that are both delicious and safe for you to consume. While eating “allergy free” varies from person to person depending on which specific food allergies you’re dealing with, we’d like to provide you with some ideas of allergy-free snacks that are free of some of the most common allergens out there. Read on for some of our top selections of scrumptious allergy-free snacks that you will love!

5 Unbelievably Awesome Allergy-Free Snacks

Fresh Veggies with Hummus
You can’t go wrong with dipping healthy fresh veggies into your favorite hummus spread! This combo makes for one of our favorite allergy-free snacks because there is little guilt involved with eating fresh vegetables and hummus, which is an excellent source of fiber. Be sure to look for hummus brands that do not contain tahini, which is sesame butter (a very common allergen). You can even make your own allergen-free hummus at home! Click here for a delicious recipe from!

Allergen-Free Chips and Guacamole
Everyone loves fresh guac, so why not enjoy it as a healthy and filling midday treat? The great thing about making guacamole from scratch is that you control both the ingredients and the flavor and can make it however you like! Just be sure to select chips that are listed as allergen-free for a truly safe snack.

Natural Popcorn
You can find all natural, allergen-free popcorn in your local supermarket, or you can even make it yourself at home! Just add a teaspoon of your choice of oil with a pinch of salt into a paper bag with popping corn, and shake to coat the kernels. Fold the top of the bag nice and tight (so the kernels stay inside!) and microwave on high until you no longer hear the kernels popping. It’s that easy!

Fruit Juice Popsicles
Fruit juice popsicles are a great option for a safe snack that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Making them is super easy – simply pour your favorite allergen-free juice in a popsicle tray, freeze, and enjoy! You can even enlist the kids’ help on making this tasty treat!

Crispy Fruit
If you’re looking for some allergy-free snacks that rank well with both adults and kids, look no further than our own Crispy Fruit snacks! Made with 100% pure fruit, nothing else, Crispy Fruit contains only a single ingredient – the fruit itself! Our manufacturer is a dedicated nut-free and gluten-free facility and we assure customers that there is no risk of cross contamination. Feel free to enjoy each of our seven Crispy Fruit flavors right out of the bag for a nutritious, on-the-go snack!

More Ideas for Allergy-Free Snacks
If you’re looking for an additional guide to find more delicious allergy-free snacks, be sure to check out! They offer a number of resources to find awesome allergen-free treats and recipes along with up-to-date information regarding food allergies that many of us are diagnosed with today.

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