All-Natural Freeze-Dried Apples

Single-Serve, Apple, 0.53 Ounce (Pack of 4)

Ingredients: Fuji Apples

4 Pack

($4.24 / oz)

100% Apple. 100% Delicious

Moms and kids agree nothing beats the delicious crispy crunch of our all-natural freeze-dried apple crisps! Packed with nutrition and super convenient, they’re lunch-box ready!

All Apple. Pure Flavor.

There’s one simple ingredient inside our freeze-dried apple pouches—tasty, all-natural Fuji apples.

Nature’s Treat

You get freeze-dried apple snacks loaded with natural fruit fiber and nutrients for a healthy body.

Fun Fact #1
Apples & Roses Are Related

This might surprise you—apples are actually a member of the rose (Rosacea) family. And so are apricots, blackberries, cherries, pears, peaches, plums, and strawberries.

No additives
or preservatives
fruit fiber and nutrients
Zero Fat
or cholesterol
35 calories
per serving
No Skin
or cores
Will Last
years in your pantry

‘Feels’ From Our Happy Customers

Amazon Customer
I would rather have these than chips. The first bag of apples was so aromatic and crunchy that my daughter and I sat with our eyes closed, mmmhhing as we slowly devoured every bite. We've been that way over a really fine bottle of wine before, so this was strange to get so enamored with dried fruit.
Chris P.
Absolutely the best dried fruit I ever had. Crispy texture. Real fruit taste. So good you won't want to share.
Amazon Customer
My toddler (and all of her little friends!) love these crispy apples! They are crunchy, but they do dissolve fairly easily for those younger toddlers that are still mastering chewing. I love tossing a couple of bags in my diaper bag so that I always have a healthy snack that my daughter loves!
Shelly Itkin
As a snack, my daughter enjoys these small bags of apples. We have tried several others and they are usually smashed little pieces but these were great. She enjoys them and I can take one or two in the car or put them in my bag when we are going somewhere. A great product for children or adults of all ages who want a quick little snack.
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Fun Fact #2
Why Apples Float

It’s all about density. Apples are buoyant because they’re made up of about 25% air, which is enough to make them float in water.

A Sweet Snack Or Tasty Topper

Sweeten up your day by adding freeze-dried apple slices to your favorite healthy foods.

  • Add to your cereal
  • Mix with nuts and seeds
  • Top on a smoothie
  • Blend into yogurt
  • Stir into muffin or cookie batter
Fun Fact #3
Young Apple Trees Don’t Produce Fruit

An apple tree doesn’t start growing fruit until about 8 to 10 years after it’s planted. Then it springs into action and produces up to 400 apples a year!

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