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Amazon Customer
The tangerine is my favorite, like eating fruit cotton candy sort of. They make a great snack when on a hike, for a bit of flavor without the weight. A go-to snack also, rather than ships and stuff, because they are low-calorie little bags of goodness! I highly recommend these!!!
Bonnie Lee
For me these bananas are easier to digest than fresh bananas. Always perfect!!!
Monty’s BBQ Madness
Used on pineapple mango ribs. One bag of each flavor ground to a semi-fine dust. Sprinkled on top after grilling the ribs. Spot on. May try on chicken next time.
Amazon Customer
Tastes just like the pears I grew up with, except all the juice. I love juicy pears but this is also good.
Amazon Customer
I absolutely love this freeze-dried fruit! The mango and pineapple taste awesome!!
Amazon Customer
The apples are so delicious. There are no additives which is great.
Amazon Customer
The crispy tangerines are the best I've ever tasted. I eat them like candy. The taste has always been consistently sweet/tart. They even look like tangerine pieces (unlike all other brands I've tried in which the pieces are chopped up) so you feel like you're eating tangerines.
Amazon Customer
Tangy but good. The kids like the banana flavor the best. A healthy crunchy snack.
Matthew Workman
I bought this to grind and put in buttercream frosting for a cake. It turned out delicious. The cake was a hit. The fresh pineapple flavor was specifically praised. The leftover packets were wolfed down by my three teenagers.
Annette E. Suarez
These are sooooo good!!! They make several different types of fruit...and I've tried every single one....but the pear one is by far the best EVER!! The texture is perfect... it's like biting into a little slice of heaven...not hard at all...and not too soft...Definitely give them a try!! Another upside is they are only 40 calories a bag....perfect for a sweet little snack!!