Tomi Saxton
Omg! I thought they might be too spicy, but they were the perfect combo of sweet and spice. Super delicious and I will buy them😋
Jamie Simerly
Tasty, crunchy, and sweet and tangy! All the umami happening here! Get it. Get two boxes!
I found this product at Fresh Market, and decided to try it just because it sounded cool. It wasn’t as soft as i thought it would be, it was quite crunchy. Interesting flavor to say the least. Sort of sour, sweet, and tangy. Overall it was a pretty decent snack.
I was surprised by how interact all of the pieces were in each bag. The pineapple and mango pieces are quite large. I enjoy these because it gives me the sensation of eating chips but it’s fruit.
Bella G
Oh I’m so happy these are available it’s so hard to find any dried fruit where it’s airy & puffy I’m so happy best for snacking..
Healthy snack option for school lunch
Rebecca Hoffman
I have been eating freeze dried strawberries, blueberries, peaches, bananas, pineapple and was nervous about the oranges. I was not disappointed, these are amazing, taste just like an orange without all the mess. I will reorder.
Patti M
So darn good. Next best thing to an actual tangerine. Perfect size to throw in a diaper bag for a snack on the go.
Gine Riley
My grandkids love the taste of these freeze dried bananas. They are just sweet enough naturally and are crisp. The only thing I think my grandkids would like is if the bags had more in them. The price is good for what you get.
Steasy Osores
Very delicious and can’t wait to try more flavors! By far my favorite fried fruit company. Perfect size to pack for a hike, school, work, or as a snack in my purse! 10/10 recommend