All Mango

All Flavor, No Additives

  • All natural freeze-dried Mangoes slices
  • Light, crispy texture with fresh Mango taste
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No fat, no cholesterol
  • No skin or cores
  • Natural fruit fiber and nutrients
  • Only 40 calories per serving


Use Food As A Force For Good™

Sweet & Tangy Treat

Mangos have a way of surprising even the most pickiest of
fruit eaters! Our freeze-dried mangos accomplish the same
feat, providing a deliciously sweet and tangy snack packed
with nutrients! Our crispy slices are perfect for a snack on
the go or an addition to any yogurt, cereal and more!

Did You Know?

Mangos are packed with vitamins.
Did you also know these fun facts?

Fun Fact 1

More fresh mangoes are eaten around the world every day than any other fruit.

Fun Fact 2

They were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago. In fact, the paisley pattern which was first developed there, is based on the shape of a mango.

Fun Fact 3

The vitamin content of mango depends on the variety and maturity of the fruit. When a mango is green and still growing there is a high vitamin C content, as the fruit ripens and matures the amount of vitamin A increases.

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“THE ULTIMATE GUILT-FREE SNACK, THESE FREEZE-DRIED FRUITS ARE JUST 40 CALORIES PER BAG!… Stash these in your car, purse, and desk drawer for an ultra-light snack on the go!”

Clean Eating Magazine

“Fruit for all seasons. Learn how to enjoy the flavors—and health perks—of your favorite fruits year-round!”

Triathlete Magazine

“Crispy Green’s line of Crispy Fruit is a fun and healthy snack option that satisfies your need to crunch and is a great way to increase your daily fruit intake.”

Avid Golfe

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