All Cantaloupe

Light & Crispy, A Perfect Treat

  • All-natural freeze-dried Cantaloupe slices
  • Light, crispy texture with sweet Cantaloupe taste
  • No additives or preservatives
  • No fat, no cholesterol
  • Natural fruit fiber and nutrients
  • Only 35 calories per serving


Use Food As A Force For Good™

All Natural,

There’s no flavor quite like a cantaloupe and our freeze-dried
slices are no exception! There’s no mess or slicing necessary,
we’ve done all of the work for you! So pack a pouch in their
lunchboxes and be sure to save one for yourself!

Did You Know?

A gift in some cultures, rockmelons in others.
Did you also know these fun facts?

Fun Fact 1

“Down under” in Australia, cantaloupes are actually referred to as Rockmelons.

Fun Fact 2

Cantaloupes are considered a luxury and are commonly given as gift in Japan!

Fun Fact 3

Cantaloupes were first brought to the Americas when Columbus first sailed the ocean blue, in fourteen-hundred-ninety-two!

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‘Feels’ from our happy customers.

“CRISPY CANTALOUPE GETS HIGH MARKS. These 40-calorie snacks contain approximately one serving of fruit per bag. They are easy to throw in a lunch bag or carry to the park.”

The Food Channel Blog

“REACH FOR SOME FREEZE-DRIED FRUIT WITH YOUR WINE TONIGHT. The next time you’re considering an accompaniment for that glass of wine, reach for something healthy, not salty!”

“Freeze-dried fruit is a new trend… Crispy Green does it best — hands down!”

Woman’s Day

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