All-Natural Freeze-Dried Tangerines

Single-Serve, Tangerine, 0.42 Ounce (Case of 32)

Ingredients: Tangerines

32 Pack

($5.08 / oz)

Crispy Tangerine With No Added Sugar

Nothing beats the delectable taste of citrus, and our crispy freeze-dried tangerines are packed with it!

All Tangerine. Just Grab & Go

Our freeze-dried tangerine snacks are 100% pure tangerine. No sugar, additives, or preservatives.

Nature’s Treat

You get natural, freeze-dried tangerine snacks that are great for your health.

Fun Fact #1
Tangerines Have Roots In China

Tangerines are believed to have originated in China. They’ve been cultivated in China and Japan for over 3,000 years.

No additives
or preservatives
fruit fiber and nutrients
Zero Fat
or cholesterol
45 calories
per serving
No Skin
or cores
Will Last
years in your pantry

‘Feels’ From Our Happy Customers

Tom A.
These freeze-dried tangerine slices were exactly what my wife wanted, as we'd bought them some time ago and really enjoyed them. These were very fresh and in perfect condition in all of the pouches opened thus far. She frequently eats a few pieces as a light afternoon snack, and our bird thinks they're a super treat when she gives him one for being a good boy. And she even gives me one when I've been behaving well!
Amazon Customer
We love the tangerine flavor by Crispy Fruit! This is a good snack for all ages, young and old. Out of all the freeze-dried fruit I have tried, so far Crispy Fruit makes the best.
Monique F. Lemay
I loved these tangerines. I took all the freeze-dried tangerines and put them in the blender to turn them into powder and make an orange creamsicle smoothie for backpacking. Turned out delicious!
Amazon Customer
The crispy tangerines are the best I've ever tasted. I eat them like candy. The taste has always been consistently sweet/tart. They even look like tangerine pieces (unlike all other brands I've tried in which the pieces are chopped up) so you feel like you're eating tangerines.
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Fun Fact #2
Tangerines Are A Heart-Healthy Fruit

Tangerines protect against blood clots due to heart disease and can lower your cholesterol. A fabulous little fruit, isn’t it?

A Sweet Snack Or Tasty Topper

Sweeten up your day by adding freeze-dried tangerine to your favorite healthy foods.

  • Add to your cereal
  • Mix with nuts and seeds
  • Top on a smoothie
  • Blend into yogurt
  • Stir into muffin or cookie batter
Fun Fact #3
Tangerines Are Packed With Nutrients

Tangerines, also known as mandarin oranges, are a tasty and refreshing citrus fruit packed with nutrition, including Vitamin C, Vitamin A, folate, and potassium, to name a few.

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