All-Natural Freeze-Dried Pears

Case of Pear (6 Packs) 72 Single Servings (0.36 oz)

Ingredients: Asian Pears

12 ea 6 Pack Bags

($2.82 / oz)

100% Natural. Perfectly Pear-d-Licious.

An easy snack—anytime, anywhere! Packed with nutrition and super convenient, they’re great for on the go.

All Pear. Bursting With Flavor

Enjoy these delightful freeze-dried pear snacks with a light, crispy texture and a sweet pear taste.

Nature’s Treat

Feed your body with natural, freeze-dried pears—no sugar, additives, preservatives, fat, or cholesterol. Just pure goodness.

Fun Fact #1
There’s A Wide Variety of Pears

There are over a thousand pear varieties in all shapes and colors.

No additives
or preservatives
fruit fiber and nutrients
Zero Fat
or cholesterol
50 calories
per serving
No Skin
or cores
Will Last
years in your pantry

‘Feels’ From Our Happy Customers

Amazon Customer
These freeze-dried pear chips are perfect! All-natural, with the only ingredient being pears!
Amazon Customer
I assure you that the pears in this box are more delightful than a tickle fight where all the hobbits are invited. Treat yourself.
Annette E. Suarez
These are sooooo good!!! They make several different types of fruit...and I've tried every single one....but the pear one is by far the best EVER!! The texture is perfect... it's like biting into a little slice of heaven...not hard at all...and not too soft...Definitely give them a try!! Another upside is they are only 40 calories a bag....perfect for a sweet little snack!!
Amazon Customer
Tastes just like the pears I grew up with, except all the juice. I love juicy pears but this is also good.
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Fun Fact #2
What’s In The Name?

Because of their texture, pears are sometimes referred to as Apple pears. But they’re not related to apples.

A Sweet Snack Or Tasty Topper

Sweeten up your day by adding freeze-dried pear slices to your favorite healthy foods.

  • Add to your cereal
  • Mix with nuts and seeds
  • Top on a smoothie
  • Blend into yogurt
  • Stir into muffin or cookie batter
Fun Fact #3
Why Pears Are Good For You

Pears have high water content and are an excellent source of fiber.

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