All-Natural Freeze-Dried Bananas

Case of Banana (6 Packs) 72 Single Servings (0.53 oz)

Ingredients: Bananas

12 ea 6 Packs

($2.64 / oz)

All Bananas. No Additives.

A fruit favorite, our freeze-dried banana chips are perfect for on the go or for an at-home treat.

All Banana. 100% Natural

Our freeze-dried banana snacks are packed with nutrients without any sugar, additives, or preservatives—just pure banana.

Nature’s Treat

You get natural, freeze-dried banana slices that are great for your health. Just pure goodness.

Fun Fact #1
Translating The Word ‘Banana’

The scientific name for banana is musa sapientum, which translates to “fruit of the wise men.”

No additives
or preservatives
fruit fiber and nutrients
Zero Fat
or cholesterol
90 calories
per serving
No Skin
or cores
Will Last
years in your pantry

‘Feels’ From Our Happy Customers

Lisa Marie
I purchase these from this seller all the time because they come quickly, they are fresh and not broken pieces. I highly recommend the banana chips.
J. Rich
I get these for my son and he loves them. They are very crispy, not like bananas in trail mix.
Kelly Jennings
These are awesome. Especially since normal bananas go bad so fast and with COVID are a nice alternative.
Bonnie Lee
For me these bananas are easier to digest than fresh bananas. Always perfect!!!
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Fun Fact #2
Why Bananas Are Good For You

Bananas contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol and are a great source of fiber, making freeze-dried bananas a healthy fruit for your diet.

A Sweet Snack Or Tasty Topper

Sweeten up your day by adding Crispy Green freeze-dried bananas to your favorite healthy foods.

  • Add to your cereal
  • Mix with nuts and seeds
  • Top on a smoothie
  • Blend into yogurt
  • Stir into muffin or cookie batter
Fun Fact #3
Bananas Are Mood Enhancers

Bananas are the only fruit that contains amino acid, tryptophan and Vitamin B6. Together, they help the body produce serotonin. So if you’re ever feeling down, try eating a banana.

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