Crispy Green Holiday Fitness Challenge 2018

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Fad diets and quick-fixes are so 1999! Let’s head into 2019 with confidence and a foundation of wellness that supports personal growth, allowing us to become our best selves. When we prioritize our mental, emotional and physical health, we are better equipped to inspire and help support others, including friends, children and spouses.

This 4-week Holiday Fitness Challenge, led by Megan Meisner, will encourage you to become more mindful of your activity level, nutrition intake and stress level during the holidays. We will provide the resources you need to improve the quality of your life, starting TODAY. Let’s resolve to evolve! Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be focusing on each week.


Week 1: Goal Setting

Without any direction, you can’t be sure where you’ll end up. It’s important to set a goal and to have a “destination” so you can identify the habits it takes to get you there. Over time, the small changes you make every day will become the “new norm,” bringing you closer to a healthier lifestyle where you look and feel your best.


Week 2: Fitness

You’re short on time, can’t afford a gym membership and are too tired to workout. Sound familiar? It’s common to fall into a rut that keeps you on the couch rather than in cycle class. You don’t have to workout for an hour, seven days a week. The most successful fitness program will be the one that is attainable and sustainable for YOU.


Week 3: Nutrition

Food is a source of nutrition, fellowship and flavor. Yet, when our schedules are full and our bellies our empty, we sometimes opt for less healthy, more convenient food options. As you learn more about what it means to “eat healthy,” you will discover the impact of nutrient-rich food on your life.


Week 4: Mindfulness

Once you’re eating right and working out, what’s left to do? Nothing? Not so fast. It’s a common misconception that eating less and moving more will reduce your weight and improve your health. While that can be true, there’s more to it. By improving the quality of our sleep and mental health, we will stress less and be able to enjoy life more.


How do I participate?

You can join the challenge at any time! Every Monday we’ll be sharing “action items” of the week on Instagram. When you complete an action item, post about it on social media, using @crispygreensnacks and #CrispyGreenResolvetoEvolve.

At the completion of the program, three winners will be selected based on their completion of the action items. The more action items you complete, the better your chances are of winning.


1st place

Choice of 4 six packs (24 count) of Crispy Green

XBAR Fitness system

Choice of three Coffee Beanery coffees

HEX Performance Essentials Bundle


2nd place

Variety box (16 count) of Crispy Green

Choice of two Coffee Beanery coffees

HEX Performance detergent


3rd place

Sample pack (one of each flavor) of Crispy Green

Choice of one Coffee Beanery coffee

HEX Performance sample size detergent


Happy Fitness Challenge! For more healthy lifestyle tips, visit



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