Freeze-Dried vs. Dehydrated

What’s the difference? From how they’re dried to texture and taste, there are key distinctions between our freeze-dried and air-dried fruits.

The Drying Process

The best way to understand the difference between Crispy Green freeze-dried and air-dried snacks is to learn how we make them.


We start with handpicked fruit, and once it’s washed and sliced, we freeze dry it at minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The process removes 98% of its moisture and leaves behind the fruit's true essence in a light and crispy texture.


Our zesty Piña Picante fruit snacks are air-dried at low temperature in small batches. The moisture is removed from the pineapples via evaporation, leaving a soft and chewy texture.

AppearAnce & Texture

Freeze-dried fruits have a crispy, crunchy texture as opposed to air-dried fruits, which are chewy with a bit more weight to them.


Freeze drying removes nearly all moisture or water content from the food, giving it a crispy, crunchy, airy texture. And because they’re little to no moisture content, freeze-dried fruit is very light.


Air-dried fruits tend to be chewy because they still hold about a third of their original water content. They’ll also typically retain the fruit’s color and will feel firm to the touch.

When It Comes To Taste

For a sweet flavor, freeze-dried is the name of the game. If it’s zest you’re after, choose air-dried fruits with a dash of spice.


Freeze-dried fruits keep most of their original flavor until they’re ready to be enjoyed as a light, crispy snack. They also retain nearly all of their original nutrients.


Air-dried fruits are naturally sweet and we also add a little spice to our line. We use premium Costa Rican air-dried pineapples and throw in bold flavors like chili and cayenne peppers.

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