Crispy Green Go Scholarship Opportunity

Crispy Green (makers of Crispy Fruit freeze-dried fruit snacks) is launching a spring campaign called “Crispy Green Go.” We’re looking for a design to use on apparel and other campaign collateral that will become new promotional merchandise for the Crispy Green brand. Our goal is to have something designed that is creative and appealing to Gen Z, millennials and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, that they will actually WANT to wear and promote (as opposed to a cheesy t-shirt with a logo)–perhaps a hipster hoodie or athleisure type t-shirt with an appealing design element.

The deadline to submit a design is February 13, 2022.

Grand Prize:  $1,000 Scholarship, Winner Publicity, Crispy Green SWAG Pack 

Honorable Mentions (2 awarded) – Crispy Green SWAG Pack 

Entrant Qualifications:

Currently enrolled in a design program at qualifying colleges/universities.


Can use any elements from our brand standards guide or website 

Can be a mix of the Crispy Green logo, logo icon, characters Chris B. Green & Chirp, artistic fonts for the “Crispy Green Go” campaign, etc.  Can be up to 4-color.  We don’t want to provide much more than that, because we are looking for your creativity….surprise us!  MOST IMPORTANT—must be something YOU would like to wear and make your friends want one!

The sweatshirt base color can be black, gray or white. 

Each entrant will need to sign off on this disclaimer: 

I understand that if my entry is selected as the winner I relinquish all claims to any and all copyrights, royalties and other benefits derived from the sale or reproduction of this work, other than the prize awarded the winning entry. 

Now, get ready and Crispy Green GO!!!! Questions?  Please contact Cherie Boldt –

Submit your design via email to

Designs must be submitted by February 13, 2022.

2021 Winner:

Karen Hilsinger – Fairleigh Dickinson University