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Snack Pairings for #Adulting on National Wine Day!

Did someone say fruit, wine and chocolate? Yes, please!

Snack Pairings for National Wine DayFor all of our “grown up” fans out there, mark your calendars for National Wine Day coming up on May 25th. This annual holiday encourages us (ahem, gives us an excuse) to celebrate the wide varieties of wine available and its rich history dating back thousands of years. The actual production of wine itself can be traced from 6000 BC, and people across the globe have been enjoying it ever since.

Healthy Valentine’s Snacks

healthy valentines snacksIf you’re struggling to find healthy Valentine’s snacks that your children will enjoy, you’re not alone! While many kids are reaching for sugary chocolate snacks on this love filled day, you can be sure to satisfy them with treats that are just as fun and much healthier for them to eat as well. Read on for our top 5 suggestions for healthy valentine’s snacks that kids will love!

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks

healthy super bowl snacksWhether you’re a Broncos or a Panthers fan, chances are you’ll be tempted to chow down on some not so healthy super bowl snacks during the game. But by doing your homework to find healthy alternatives to classic super bowl snacks, you can definitely enjoy the game guilt free. Check out the list below of our favorite healthy super bowl snacks that are easy to make, taste great, and won’t leave you bloated after the game!

Healthy New Year’s Resolutions & Tips

healthy new years resolutionsAre you making some changes in your life to get healthier this year? So are we! Last month, we asked our fans on social media to share some of their healthy New Year’s Resolutions and tips with us to help kick off 2016 the right way.

Check out some of our favorite suggestions here… and see if your healthy New Year’s resolutions and tips made the list!

Healthy Stocking Stuffers

healthy stocking stuffersNow that the holiday season is officially in full swing, you may be wondering how you can keep your family on track when it comes to eating healthy. But cookies, candies and treats galore, that can oftentimes be much easier said than done! Nix the sugary stuff this year and check out our list of healthy stocking stuffers that everyone will love, sans the guilt!

Healthy Halloween Snacks for Kids

That time of year is just around the corner, and many parents are searching their local grocery stores for healthy Halloween snacks for kids that won’t leave them with a sugar rush.
healthy halloween snacks for kidsBut you’ll want to choose snacks that are still creative and fun, so that they tie in to the spirit of Halloween. In this post, we highlight 6 ideas for healthy Halloween snacks for kids that are easy to prepare. Check ‘em out!