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CEO Corner- December 2014

The 2014 holiday season is in full swing, and I would like to wish everyone joyous and healthy IMG_7427holidays and a happy and prosperous New Year to come.

I always enjoy the end of the year even though it’s usually the most hectic time for our business. Amidst the chaos of all the holiday promotions, it’s also the time to look back and review what we’ve done in the past year and look ahead to plan where we want to go next. It’s both exciting and exhausting at the same time. But in the end, we always wrap up the year with holiday cheer and a few bottles of champagne.

CEO Corner- August, 2014

Early this month, we celebrated Crispy Green’s 10th Anniversary. It’s hard to believe that it has IMG_7427been 10 years since Crispy Green was born in the basement of my house. What an amazing 10 years it has been!

I took a gamble 10 years ago on myself, and I’m glad that the gamble has paid off nicely as Crispy Green continues to grow. More importantly than the financial reward is how much I have learned from this experience. The personal growth and development during this past decade are immeasurable and priceless.

CEO Corner – May 2014

Good news continues to break at Crispy Green. After months of diligent work and waiting, we IMG_7427finally received the official certification from the Non-GMO Project. Our entire Crispy Fruit line is now a proud recipient of the Non-GMO Project Verified seal!

GMOs, or genetically modified organisms, are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from other plants or animals and, in some instance, from bacteria and viruses. Although GMO plants have been around for decades, there is not much known about their long-term effects on humans. 

CEO Corner – March 2014

Spring is finally here! Like many of you, this spring can’t come soon enough for me. Even New_CEOthough the temperature is still rather low for this time of the year, the longer days and the budding daffodils in my yard make me cheerful. Don’t get me wrong, I love the winter. Winter accents the seasons and gives life rhythm. Without that, life would be a bit boring. Not to mention that the heavy snows this year did give us some excellent skiing conditions locally, which was delightful for a “lazy” recreational skier like me. (I have no desire to drive hours and fight the traffic for just a weekend ski trip.)

CEO Corner – January 2014

New_CEO2014 is well underway. I hope all of you have a good start of the New Year, and that 2014 will be another fulfilling year for you!

Most of us began this New Year with some sort of resolutions. As we get older, these resolutions become more of life pursuits rather than just short-term fixes. A good friend of mine (who is quite a bit wiser than I am) shared with me that he has been building his “CHAIRS”- Charity,

CEO Corner- November 2013

New_CEOWe have just celebrated our one-year anniversary in our new headquarters last month. We had quite a ride in the past year, which started with the arrival of Hurricane Sandy right after we moved in. Despite all of the challenges that we went through in the past 13 months, our business continues to thrive and we are looking at another healthy growing year as 2013 draws to a close.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to take this moment to give thanks to those who have made Crispy Green what we are today!

CEO Corner – March 2013

Happy Spring, everyone! I have never looked forward to the arrival of spring as much as I do this year. I am longing for the rebirthing energy from Mother Earth, that magical power that turns on life in nature!

I attended Easter Mass at St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan today, invited by a good friend who’s a church member and the guest organist for the Easter services. This is the second year in a row that I attended the Easter service there. I love visiting churches, mosques, temples, and all kinds of religious places and attending various ceremonies even though I’m not a religious person. I find these kinds of experiences enrich me and expand my world.

CEO Corner – August 2012

Angela LiuSummer has zipped by as we now find August winding down. For many busy families, this is prime time to prepare for Back-to-School for kids of all ages.
According to a recent survey by Wal-Mart (not exactly an independent pollster), over 75% of moms with children in primary and secondary schools consider Back-to-School a better time to make a fresh start rather than January 1st. In fact, 9 out of 10 moms make a “Back-to-School resolution” in preparation for the year ahead.

Do you have a “Back-to-School resolution” for your family? If so, is eating healthier part of your plan?

CEO Corner – June/July 2012

Angela LiuSummer is often the favorite season for many families.  It marks the end of school and the start of fun family vacations, summer camps, adventurous road excursions, and day trips to the lake or beach. While summertime offers many reasons to celebrate, my favorite part is simply enjoying the sun and the great outdoors with friends and family.

To help kick start Crispy Green’s summer fun, we recently hosted our annual Family Day for our dedicated staff, business associates and families at the beautiful Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ. And what a great turn out! Crispy Green supporters of all ages came out to share in the day’s festivities. Lots of fun-in-the-sun was had by all!