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CEO Corner- December 2014

The 2014 holiday season is in full swing, and I would like to wish everyone joyous and healthy IMG_7427holidays and a happy and prosperous New Year to come.

I always enjoy the end of the year even though it’s usually the most hectic time for our business. Amidst the chaos of all the holiday promotions, it’s also the time to look back and review what we’ve done in the past year and look ahead to plan where we want to go next. It’s both exciting and exhausting at the same time. But in the end, we always wrap up the year with holiday cheer and a few bottles of champagne.

Are you Ready to Face Fall?

As we fall into Fall, the weather gets a little crisper, the days get a little shorter, and the sun tends to shine a little less. It can be hard to say goodbye to the Summer sun and that glow that seems to emanate from your skin during the Summer months.

Fruit Appeal: Leave the prep-work to us and enjoy.

When your days are jam-packed with activities, the convenience of the snack foods around you really can determine what you ultimately decide to munch on. For example, while running out of the house, it’s much easier to grab a small bushel of washed grapes rather than husk and chop a whole pineapple. You’ll avoid clean-up and what can be pretty intimidating spiky skin, to a timid pineapple novice like myself. (There’s even an entire how to cut a pineapple website to walk you through this daunting task!)