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Healthy Crunchy Snacks

When you have a craving for something crunchy, nothing else but your favorite crunchy snack will cut it. We know, we’ve all been there! Finding healthy crunchy snacks that satisfy your craving is not always the easiest thing to do.

healthy crunchy snacks

Cravings for crunchy snacks usually lead to grabbing a bag of chips, or something else that’s bound to add inches to your waistline. Everything in moderation — we’re not saying to avoid those kinds of snacks, we’re just saying that it’s a good idea to add more healthy crunchy snacks to your cupboards to satisfy those cravings.

There are plenty of healthy crunchy snacks out there that will not only satisfy you without all the empty calories, they’ll also give you the energy you need to carry you through the day until your next full meal.

Here are some of the best healthy snacks we recommend adding to your grocery list to balance out your other special occasion treats.

Healthy Snack Ideas

 “5 Healthy Alternatives for Your 4 P.M. Snack Attack”

“Instead of dried fruit… Light, crispy freeze-dried fruit has a much different texture than the chewy, dense “regular” dried fruit you typically find in trail mix or granola.” Click here to read the full post on!

Our Favorite Healthy, Quick Snacks

healthy quick snacks

With today’s increasingly on-the-go, always busy lifestyle, many consumers are looking for snacks that are both portable and nutritious. But while eating healthy can certainly be a challenge, especially with a packed schedule, there are plenty of snacks out there for you to enjoy that require minimal preparation ahead of time. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite healthy, quick snacks that are great in a pinch (and that you will love)!

Is Freeze Dried Fruit Healthy?

is freeze dried fruit healthyNow that summer is coming up just around the corner, you may be starting to think about eating healthier, leaner foods. But, if you’re like most of us with busy schedules, you may lack the time to prepare nutritious snacks that are packable. Many consumers often ask, “Is freeze dried fruit healthy for me to eat?” In this post, we will share some of our thoughts on the freeze dried fruit craze and explain why freeze dried fruits are a great choice for those looking for convenient, delicious and nutritious snacks!

Pre and Post Workout Snacks

pre and post workout snacks

While working out is essential to staying in shape and toning up, most gym-goers often forget to plan healthy pre and post workout snacks to make their training sessions count. Top fitness experts say that eating pre and post workout snacks helps the body to build more muscle and burn fat more efficiently than simply working out alone. Read on for our suggestions of some of the best pre and post workout snacks to help you make the most out of your time at the gym!

Healthy Paleo Snacks

Healthy Paleo SnacksThe key with any dieting philosophy is to focus on the foods that fit within your diet, rather than focusing on the types of foods that are being cut out.

With that being said, I’d like to highlight several healthy paleo snacks that are not only good for you, but are so tasty you won’t even think about what they’re replacing.

Since we aim to promote healthy eating and active living, all of these healthy paleo snacks we’ve chosen to recommend are quick to make and easy to take with you on the go. They fit right into an active lifestyle.

Nutritious Snacks for Kids

nutritious snacks for kids

Providing nutritious snacks for kids can often be a challenge for today’s parents. With busier-than-ever after school schedules, parents need packable, on-the-go healthy snacks for their children to enjoy. It is crucial that kids get all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients they need to power through their school days, so providing them with the right snacks is essential.

This post will feature some of our best advice for choosing delicious, nutritious snacks for kids that are perfectly portable for today’s on-the-go lifestyle!

Healthy Snacks For Kids At School

healthy-snacks-for-kids-at-schoolServing healthy snacks for kids at school is an important step towards providing good nutrition and encouraging healthy eating habits early on in life.

There’s no doubt that snacks play a major role in kids’ diets. With that being the case, having healthy snacks on hand for kids at school is one of the best things you can do to ensure your child is consuming good, nutritious calories throughout the day.

In this post we’ll discuss what to look for when choosing some healthy snacks for kids at school, and provide ideas of what to pack in your child’s next lunch.

Healthy Fitness Snacks

10 Tips for Convenient, Healthy Fitness Snacks!

When living a healthy and active lifestyle, you need to eat well. Snacking throughout the day is essential to keeping up your energy levels.  We all know this, but sometimes, preparing healthy fitness snacks when you are on-the-go is not the easiest task. Cutting up fruit and finding packaged snacks that you feel GOOD about eating is time consuming. Listed below, are 10 Tips for healthy fitness snacks that are both convenient and fun. Make your daily routine a bit easier, and check out our suggestions below!