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Travel Food Ideas

travel food ideasIf you’ve ever taken a long trip before, whether it was in a car, a bus, or an airplane, you know what it’s like to be a little hungry on the road. But believe it or not, there are tons of snacks that are both good for you and easy to transport as well. Read on for 5 travel food ideas that are healthy and portable for you next excursion!

Playlist for Running

playlist-for-runningWith the new year in sight, you may have made a resolution to break out your sneakers and run more often in 2016. But when you’re out there pounding the pavement, you’ll need to be equipped with a playlist for running to keep you motivated and moving each time! Check out our playlist for running in this post, made with suggestions from our Facebook fans. Thanks again to everyone who contributed their favorite songs to the list!

Healthy Stocking Stuffers

healthy stocking stuffersNow that the holiday season is officially in full swing, you may be wondering how you can keep your family on track when it comes to eating healthy. But cookies, candies and treats galore, that can oftentimes be much easier said than done! Nix the sugary stuff this year and check out our list of healthy stocking stuffers that everyone will love, sans the guilt!

Freeze Dried vs. Dehydrated Foods

freeze dried vs dehyrdratedIf you’re a newcomer to the freeze dried snack craze, you may not know the difference between freeze dried vs. dehydrated snacks. While freeze dried snacks may sound similar to traditional dehydrated (or simply dried) snacks, there are a few key aspects in which the two differ in terms of texture and taste, among other ways.

Supermarket Guru: Crispy Green Crispy Fruit Asian Pear is a HIT

Satisfying with a soft crunch.

December 9, 2015 – These freeze dried snacks are satisfying, have a soft crunch and nothing is added. Just naturally occurring sugars from the fruit. There is a light pear flavor, not as much as I’d like. One bag is forty satisfying calories with 7 grams of naturally occurring sugars. Gluten Free, of course. Imported from China.

Click here to see Phil Lempert’s full review on the Supermarket Guru!

Best Diet Snacks

best diet snacksWhen you’re trying to lose weight, munching on the best diet snacks you can find is important to keeping you satisfied and on track. But with so many foods crowding the supermarket shelves that are all claiming to be the best diet snacks, it can be difficult to choose which ones will be the best for you. In this post, we’ve outlined some of our top choices for best diet snacks that you can easily make at home and that taste delicious.

Dairy Free Snacks

dairy free snacksIf you or someone in your family has a milk or dairy related allergy, you’ll want to find dairy free snacks that are safe to eat, but still delicious. There are tons of ideas out there that you can prepare with little to no effort or planning. Read on for our list of dairy free snacks that are satisfying, yummy, and easy to whip up in a pinch!