Air-Dried Fruit Snacks

Our newest line features premium Costa Rican air-dried pineapples infused with bold flavors for a sweet and spicy taste.
They’re zingtastic!

Pick Your Favorite Flavor

Air-Dried Fruit
Piña Picante Ginger Lime
Air-Dried Fruit
Piña Picante Chili Lime
No additives
or preservatives
fruit fiber and nutrients
Zero Fat
or cholesterol
Low calorie
No Skin
or cores
Will Last
years in your pantry

From Fresh To Air-Dried

Step One

We wash, clean and slice the pineapples, then air dry them at a low temperature in small batches.

Step Two

Evaporation removes the moisture from the pineapples, leaving a soft and chewy texture.

Step Three

Finally, we collect the fruit, inspect it, and pack it in an airtight, moisture-proof pouch.