Rethinking Snacking

Join Crispy Green in the pursuit of a happy, healthy life as we shake
up the snacking industry with our freeze-dried fruit!

Mission & Values

Crispy Green’s mission is to continually provide the highest quality, natural food products and inspire others to live a healthy and better life – one “smart lifebite” at a time.

As part of its ongoing mission, the company strives to act as a force for good through its product offerings, partnerships, community service and other philanthropic activities.

Keeping It Pure, Tasty, & Wholesome

Back in 2004, Crispy Green emerged onto the snack scene with one goal: to offer a natural, delicious, healthy snacking option to consumers of all ages. Through our strategic partnerships, retail distribution and more Crispy Green has become the #1 freeze-dried fruit brand in the country. We continue to stick to our roots, only using the highest quality fruit in their purest form.



Why use sweeteners to mask the fruit’s
delicious taste?


We are completely transparent about our freeze-drying process.


Our snacks are nutritious and perfect for all ages.


Each of our Crispy Fruits are a perfect treat for any occasion.