Month: September 2015

Heart Healthy Snacks

According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 610,000 people die in the US every year due to heart disease. heart healthy snacks That’s certainly a staggering number, and a reason to make an effort to eat foods that are low in saturated fats to keep your heart healthy now and in the future. Check out our list of heart healthy snacks that we love, and that you can feel good about snacking on below.

Low Sugar Snacks

Whether you have health issues such as diabetes or you’re simply trying to watch your sugar intake, finding low sugar snacks that satisfy you can be tricky with so many tempting treats out there! low sugar snacksSticking to snacks that are less processed is always a good way to cut down on sugar and fatty hydrogenated oils. Check out the ideas below for low sugar snacks that are simple, easy to prepare, and delicious!

Low Fat Snacks

If you’re looking to get lean and trim, you’ll definitely want to find some low fat snacks that can keep you on track with your diet and satisfy any cravings that you may have. With so many options out in supermarkets and grocery stores to choose from, how do you know which low fat snacks are the real deal? Check out our list below of our favorite snacks that are light on the fat, but high on the flavor!

Crispy Green is Daddy Approved!


Just in time for the back-to-school season, Matt Rogers of Home & Family on the Hallmark Channel gave Crispy Fruit the thumbs up as a great snack that the whole family can enjoy. Check out the clip below and see why he deemed our snacks “Daddy Approved!”

Snacks for Kids with Peanut Allergies

snacks-for-kids-with-peanut-allergiesMany schools and activity groups are searching for snacks for kids with peanut allergies now more than ever. With more and more children being diagnosed with nut allergies, it is important to send your child to school with snacks that are peanut and tree nut free to avoid any chance of an allergic reactions. Get some suggestions for snacks for kids with peanut allergies in this post so that your child and other children can be safe during snack time.

Low Sodium Snacks

Low sodium snacks are essential to anyone who is overweight, has high blood pressure, or to anyone who’s simply trying to maintain a balanced diet. low sodium snacksWith increasingly high counts of salt found in processed snacks, finding low sodium snacks that both taste good and are satisfying is increasingly harder and harder to come by. In this post, we’ve highlighted some of our top low sodium snacks that require little to no prep work, and make for awesome grab and go treats!

Nut Free Snacks

When searching for nut free snacks, it is essential that you do the proper research so that you don’t have an allergic reaction to what you’re eating. nut-free-snacksEven in school, parents of children with food allergies must do some extra planning when it comes to packing healthy, nut free snacks that they can eat throughout the day. In this post, we highlight some great ideas for nut free snacks that are both portable and great for adults and kids alike!

Healthy Snacks for Back to School

Biochemist Angela Liu created Crispy Green freeze-dried fruit for kids and grown-ups on the go.

By: Suzanne Zimmer Lowery healthy snacks for back to school

“Crispy Green in Fairfield–maker of unique freeze-dried fruit snacks–is partnering with the Power Your Lunchbox campaign to encourage parents to pack healthy and nutritious lunches for their kids as they head back to school next month.

‘Now through September 18th, the campaign asks parents to “take the pledge” to fill lunchboxes with healthy and nutritious food. The Power Your Lunchbox website offers ideas, tips and coupons. For every pledge, the sponsor, Produce for Kids, will donate $1 to Feeding America to support children’s hunger programs.'”

Read the entire article on NJ Monthly here!

Best Back-to-School Snacks

Packing a balanced lunch with healthy snacks that kids actually like to eat is a common struggle all parents are faced with each back-to-school season. Check out this radio segment from the Family Food Kitchen that was featured on radioMD for some awesome suggestions from hosts Ellen Briggs and Carolina Lima Jantac, MS, RD, LD here!

Best Snacks for Weight Loss

best snacks for weight lossIf you’re struggling to find the best snacks for weight loss, you’re not alone! There are thousands of snacks on supermarket shelves out there, all promising to be healthy and good for your waistline. But with so many products touting to be fat-free, gluten-free and paleo (amongst other claims!), how can you be sure that the snacks you buy will really help you shed some pounds? Read on for our list of the best snacks for weight loss that are both easy to make and satisfying!