Month: February 2015

2015 Healthy Supermarket List

Hungry Girl’s 2015 Healthy Supermarket List

February 2, 2015- “We’ve updated our crazy- comprehensive grocery list to bring you the very best options on supermarket shelves. From classic staples to brand-new finds, this list is indispensable…and the food is healthier than ever!…”

HG Supermarket List: Produce

Click here to read the complete list, and see Crispy Green under “Produce.”


Healthy Fitness Snacks

10 Tips for Convenient, Healthy Fitness Snacks!

When living a healthy and active lifestyle, you need to eat well. Snacking throughout the day is essential to keeping up your energy levels.  We all know this, but sometimes, preparing healthy fitness snacks when you are on-the-go is not the easiest task. Cutting up fruit and finding packaged snacks that you feel GOOD about eating is time consuming. Listed below, are 10 Tips for healthy fitness snacks that are both convenient and fun. Make your daily routine a bit easier, and check out our suggestions below!